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Pasadena Domestic Violence Lawyer

California does not take domestic violence cases lightly and as a victim, you can seek help. All too often, spousal abuse and child abuse cases go unreported and the victims suffer without pursuing justice. This can happen due to a fear of retaliation of the abuser or for a variety of other reasons. Don't suffer in silence. Let Goldberg & Gille help you.

We have helped countless individuals get the relief that they need in their current violent situations. Our Pasadena family law attorney is a board certified legal specialist, and is prepared to take the steps to ensure your safety. Our clients come first and we do all that we can to help.

How Can I Get Help?

When you are hurting and afraid, when you are keeping secrets about the violence in your home, you wonder whether anyone can help - whether anyone would understand. We know you may be worried about making the right choices. You may be asking "what will I do now that I want to leave the abuse? What will I do for money? How will I protect myself? How will I protect the baby?" At Goldberg & Gille, we have long understood the physical and emotional injuries of abuse victims. We will fight for your right to live a safe and happy life away from the pain.

Immediately after a domestic abuse incident, take the following steps:

  • Call the police and seek Emergency Protective Orders immediately.
  • File for temporary restraining orders, which last until the noticed hearing.
  • Take clear pictures of fresh bruises, cuts, etc.
  • Save threatening text messages, voice mails, emails, letters, and other messages.
  • Show the injuries to potential witnesses.
  • Go to the emergency room or doctor's office for any necessary medical treatment.

Witnesses, pictures, messages, doctors, x-rays, etc., help us prove your case. With any of these, the judge will more easily see that you deserve to be protected. We also understand that most abusers are not pure evil just as most abuse victims blame themselves unnecessarily. We know that you still may be emotionally attached despite the abuse. We help you get to the right relief so there can be a safe end to the cycle of anger, violence, apologies, anger, violence, apologies.

Perhaps substance abuse or mental illness is helping your abuser become violent. If you have any proof of why the abuser does what he or she does, we will use that in court to obtain orders for rehabilitative steps such as court-ordered anger management, drug or alcohol testing, 12-step programs, or even a psychological evaluation, depending on your case.

Other orders that we routinely ask for include:

  • Visitation monitors
  • Stay away orders
  • Non-harassment orders
  • Property protection
  • School or work protection
  • Kick-out orders
  • Exclusive use of vehicles
  • Gun removal
  • Anti-stalking orders

Restraining Order Process

we are ready to act fast on your case to get you an initial hearing at 8:30 a.m. the next court day. We will first seek a temporary restraining order from an abusive spouse, intimate partner, or domestic partner with little or no notice to the abuser, depending on the facts. Our track record of successes in obtaining permanent restraining orders is based on our solid use of evidence, and our ability to prove your case. A permanent restraining order will be granted for a period of time that the judge determines, usually from one to five years. Our Pasadena family lawyers will be with you for both the temporary and the permanent restraining order phases.

Take the following steps to file for a restraining order:

  • Guiding you on what facts are most important to present, filling out paperwork, and helping you write your declaration using all of your evidence and witnesses
  • Determining when you can safely have a no-notice hearing.
  • Figuring out when you must give 24-hour notice.
  • Submitting papers and arguing your case at the temporary restraining order hearing
  • Getting the abuser served if he or she was not at the preliminary hearing
  • Guiding you on interim steps such as retrieving belongings
  • Conducting discovery and being with you during your deposition
  • Presenting your case at the noticed hearing
  • Waiting for, and often preparing, the Orders given by the judge
  • Assisting in obtaining any therapy or courses, testing, evaluations, child-visitation monitors, etc., that will be necessary after the restraining orders are issued

Take Action to Protect Your Family

We will be there to help through the entire process. We help you file a restraining order and assist you in holding the abuser accountable for his or her actions in divorce cases, intimate partner cases, domestic partnerships, family members, and former dating relationships. We have more than 80 years of combined experience protecting individuals and their families and we can help you. Team up with an experienced family law attorney in Pasadena today for help.

Goldberg & Gille offers an initial consultation. In these emergency situations, we will meet you after hours or on most Saturday mornings. We check our email throughout the work day and periodically until 9 pm every night. We will return all after-hours calls as soon as the office opens in the morning so leave a safe number or a safe email address for us to use to contact you. If you have no safe number, have a friend or family member contact us on your behalf.

Call Goldberg & Gille today at (626) 340-0955 for help in your domestic violence case.

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