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Pasadena Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Let Us Help You Fight for the Rights to Your Children

Do you have children with an ex-spouse and want to claim your rights as a father? At Goldberg & Gille, we understand the frustration and stress you may experience when the mother of your children refuses to acknowledge your paternal role. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to advocating for fathers' rights in child custody and support cases.

We have 80+ years' combined experience practicing law that we can put to use to fight for you. Additionally, Attorney Christine Gille has been board certified in family law, an honor that few legal professionals can boast. As a legal specialist, she has an expertise in her field that you won't find at other firms, which means you can trust us to handle your case with proven proficiency and excellent counsel.

What Rights Do I Have to My Children?

A father's relationship with his children can be extremely important to their development, and it is the right of a father to have the opportunity to build and maintain it. Since a mother is naturally and biologically considered to be more nurturing than a father, it has previously been accepted that a mother has more parental rights. However, society has come to acknowledge the importance of a father, and courts now consider his rights more closely than ever.

As a father, you have a number of rights including:

  • The right to establish paternity
  • The right to maintain a paternal relationship
  • The right to parenting time
  • The right to seek custody
  • The right to oppose adoption
  • The right to contribute to decision-making

In matters of custody and visitation, your rights as a father will be considered according to the well-being of the child. Courts consider the best interests of children as a priority to the parental rights of either parent, which means you must prove that you are fit to be a supportive father.

Why You May Need to Establish Paternity

Father & ChildIn order to claim your rights, it may be necessary to legally establish that you are the father of your children. This is especially important in cases where the mother is with a different man, or was with someone else at the time your children were conceived and/or born. In order to do so, you must file an affidavit of voluntary paternity and have it signed by the mother. If she refuses to sign, you can take legal action to have paternity biologically determined and a court order issued to establish your status as the child's father.

It is important to note that it is in your best interest to establish paternity before a legal dispute involving your children arises. Establishing paternity early on sets a precedent for later conflicts that you have paternal rights to the children. If you wait for a custody or support issue to arise, it may be too late to establish your full rights as a father, as the court may not believe that you have demonstrated a commitment to your responsibilities. However, regardless of when you seek to establish paternity, we can fight aggressively on your behalf to ensure your rights are upheld.

Let a Board Certified Attorney Fight for You. Contact Us Today!

You deserve the opportunity to foster a paternal relationship with your children, and your children deserve it as well. Don't let a stubborn ex-spouse violate your right to communication and time spent with your children. With the help of a Pasadena divorce lawyer, you can take legal action to assert your rights and seek custody or visitation and be the father you deserve to be.

Take the first step and call Goldberg & Gille to schedule a case evaluation!

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