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Attorney for Legal Separation in Pasadena

Know Your Options. Work with a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Legal SeparationIn California, the courts understand that marriages are complicated and that each relationship has unique ups and downs that necessitate different legal agreements. For this reason, couples who need to spend some time apart, but are not yet ready for the finality of divorce can file for a legal separation. Through this agreement, each individual's needs and interests—as well as those of any children involved—are accounted for and protected, but the couple remains legally married.

At Goldberg & Gille, our Pasadena divorce lawyer has the experience and compassion you need to feel confident that your case is in good hands. Attorney Christine Gille is board certified in family law, which means that her expertise is proven and recognized by her peers. Our team has made it our mission to help families reach legal resolutions that meet their unique needs.

Why Separate and Not Divorce?

A legal separation involves most of the same decision-making processes as a divorce. However, the legal marriage is not dissolved and couples remain technically married. This is a preferred option for couples who are uncertain about whether or not a permanent divorce is necessary, or have certain needs and interests that require the marriage to continue.

Reasons a couple may decide on a legal separation include:

  • To take time to work out problems or decide to divorce
  • To retain medical benefits
  • To ensure social security benefits
  • To adhere to religious beliefs

With a legal separation, you and your spouse are not permanently bound to the agreement. This can have benefits that are both personal and financial. A separation agreement can help give you the space that you need to work through marital issues, while protecting you from financial or legal disputes that can create additional strain on your relationship.

Is a Separation Agreement Necessary?

Legal SeparationFor some couples, it can be confusing to understand why a legal separation is necessary if they aren't planning on permanently separating.

We can help you understand the importance of protecting your interests through a separation agreement, especially if you have children. If you need assistance to maintain the quality of life for yourself or your children that you enjoyed while living with your spouse, a legal separation can enforce child and spousal support.

Furthermore, a separation agreement allows you to enforce custody or visitation arrangements and can mitigate tension caused by disputes. If you and your spouse own a home and other valuable property together and have conflicting interests regarding its use during your separation, an agreement can allow you to find an agreeable resolution for temporarily dividing them. Additionally, it can define responsibility for certain bills and financial obligations.

Compassionate Legal Counsel: Call 626-340-0955

At Goldberg & Gille, our family law attorneys in Pasadena are committed to helping families like you reach resolutions that accommodate their best interests. We know that every relationship is unique and want to help you understand your options for handling your marital disputes. The finality of a divorce can be intimidating, especially if you have certain financial obligations that you can't meet on your own. Through a legal separation, you can protect your finances without dissolving your marriage while you and your spouse work to resolve your differences.

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