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How Long is the Divorce Process Going to Take?

Have you made the decision to legally end your marriage? If so, you may be wondering how long the process is going to take. Filing for divorce is a complicated process that can put your life on hold ...
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My Ex-Spouse Won't Pay Child Support. What Now?

One of the most contentious aspects of any divorce is the matter of who will get custody and, subsequently, who will be expected to pay child support. Typically, if one parent is granted sole custody ...
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What if the Other Driver Doesn't Have Insurance?

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 20% of all drivers in California have failed to purchase automobile insurance. This means that you have a 20% chance of being involved in a car ...
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How is Child Custody Determined?

Understanding How a Judge Decides Custody Any divorce is complicated and emotional, but none more so than those involving children. Deciding who gets custody over the children is far more complex than ...
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Evidence in Child Custody - Minor's Counsel

Representing Children -- Evidence Checklist. Post Elkins. Minor's Counsel Training : Lawyer-to-Lawyer If you are appointed to represent a child in California Family Law courts, you must meet the ...
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Minor's Counsel First Steps - Questionnaire

What is a Minor's Counsel Questionnaire? Explaining the Conflict about Your Child When a judicial officer appoints* a lawyer for the children, called a Minor's Counsel, many Minor's ...
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Modification of Support -- LayOffs

What do You do if you are Laid Off While Going Through a Divorce or Custody Case? You just found out you will be laid off, down-sized, dismissed, or fired! What should you do about support??? Whether ...
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Restrictions on Post-Judgment Family Law Discovery (Boblitt)

To see Assembly Bill No. 2586 and the new post-judgment discovery statute, FC 218, please click here. The Boblitt case was originally published in February 2014, and we now already have a correction. ...
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WARNING - Abductions, Kidnappings, and "Home State" Worries.

Posted for those whose clients may be facing interstate custody issues, but written to parents : No matter what state you are in when you read this post, if your children have been taken without a ...
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Father's Rights Custody Checklist

4 Essentials in Proving Your Custody Case The social injustices lurking in Fathers' Rights issues cause many Dads to give up before they try. There are no GENERAL fixes for the biases of society, ...
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