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Community Interest & Your Property Division Agreement

The below story is an example and is not based on an actual client. Patricia has a problem. Patricia had been married to Terry for 25 years before they sought a divorce, and she’s realizing that ...
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For the Holidays: The Domestic Violence Checklist

For some families, holidays mean higher consumption of alcohol and drugs. If a drug or alcohol abuser also uses domestic violence to frighten or harm loved ones, holidays can be scary times for the ...
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How to Tell Your Kids About the Breakup

When you and your spouse have decided to separate, there are dozens of vital decisions to make. The one with the most long-term effect will be how you communicate the divorce to your children. The ...
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What Are a Grandparent's Rights in a Divorce?

A divorce can be painful for nearly all members of a family—especially the grandparents involved. A divorce can weaken the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, even ending it in ...
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3 Things You Must Do After an Injury

We can all agree that injuries resulting from negligence are deeply frustrating. It can feel like your pain and suffering are magnified by how needless and preventable your injuries are. If ...
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Staying Connected with Goldberg & Gille

At Goldberg & Gille, we strive to provide unyielding representation for personal injury victims and family law clients. We understand the intricacies that can go into such legal matters, ...
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Advantages of Retaining a Family Law Attorney

Many people picture “good” lawyers as being combative and hot-headed, using volume and dramatic monologues rather than negotiation and sound logic to make their case. This is perhaps due ...
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Does My Spouse Get a Part of My Business If We Divorce?

For business owners, their company is more than their job. It’s their creation, something with nearly as much personal investment as most relationships. Businesses take up their owners’ ...
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